Willingness to Serve

Dear TV-APIC Member,

We have had another successful year in the Tennessee Valley Chapter of APlC!! And we appreciate your membership and contribution to making it successful. We especially want to say a word of thanks to our officers and Board Members. Thank You for your willingness to serve our chapter.

As we move into 2013 Tennessee Valley APIC NEEDS YOU!!! We have such a wealth of knowledge and leadership and even our new members {new to the chapter and some new to infection control) come from

backgrounds that support infection grevention and control guidelines. S0 we all have something to contribute.

PLEASE consider being a chapter officer. We have several position’s to fill and those positions along with a brief summary of duties are listed below. -

We will be electing a President-elect; 2 Board Members; and 2 people for the Nominating Committee. Following the bylaws change, our officers will be installed in October instead of January.

PRESIDENT-ELECT/EDUCATION COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN: Assist the President in the discharge of duties of the President as the President may direct, and shall perform such other duties as may be prescribed time to time by the President or the Board; prepare to assume the office of President, fill the office of the President should that become vacant, responsible for planning monthly programs, become familiar with the chapter bylaws, various committees.

TWO MEMBERS OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Serve 2 year tenns on the Board of Directors along with the other officers and the immediate past president.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE: Obtain a list of active members from which to consider candidates; develop and submit candidates to the Board for approval; selects qualified candidates for each office, taking into consideration attendance and participation of the nominees; prepares a ballot for voting; presents a mail ballot which includes a brief resume’ of candidates to the membership no later than 2 months prior to the beginning of the calendar year.

Please fill out the following form below identifying which area of leadership you feel you could be most useful in. We have several offices open and need more than one candidate for each office.

Willingness to Serve Form