Member Assignments

We need a list of everyone that can bring a door prize to the seminar. We also need to know what items you are bringing for the packets, and who is going to make the copies of the Agenda and the powerpoint presentations. So, please email me at .
We will not have an educational portion of our meeting in August Because of the seminar. We will however be meeting to prepare handouts and packets for the seminar and finalize all plans.
Door Prizes:
 Craig Lacy
Brenda Simpson
Amy Seay
Micheal Estremera
Packet items:
Brenda Simpson-Pens and other small items

We need two names in each of the following areas. Please email your request to I will fill in names as I receive requests. The duties for each area are as follows:


Registration Desk

          Get attendees signed in

          Hand out packets

          Clean up the area once registration is complete




Vendor Room

          Make sure attendees know about the drawing for visiting every vendor

          Assist vendors as need

          Room clean up after the conference




Refreshment Room

          Assist with setting up the food

          Keep area cleaned up during the conference

          Room clean-up after the conference




Presentation Rooms

          Assist attendees as needed

          Assist speakers as needed

          Room clean up after the conference




Float Personnel

          Walk around the conference area and assist as/where needed

          Assist attendees as needed

          Help with clean up after the conference
Registration Desk 
1. Christy Bowlin 
2. Donna Reid

Vendor Room 
1. Brenda Simpson 
2. Micheal Estremera

Refreshment Room 
1. Beth Burden
2.  Dana Garrison

Presentation Room 
1. Debbie Thompson 
2.  Joyce Jones

Float Personnel 
1.  Craig Lacy
2.  Angie Bretherick